Ant Control in Amarillo

Did you know that scientists estimate that there are over one million ants for every person on Earth? You probably have at least one colony living in close proximity to your property in Amarillo but that's only a problem if the ants are dwelling within your walls.

Most species of ants are virtually harmless, and the worst they will do is steal pieces of food off your floor. Carpenter ants are another story, however. These large black ants will tunnel into your woodwork, compromising the structural integrity of your home or office as they build their nests and galleries.

If the carpenter ant colony is allowed to grow unchecked, they can cause tens of thousands of dollars worth of property damage and make your building unsafe in the process. To eliminate your infestation before it gets to that level, bring in Ace Pest Control.

How Ace Handles Ants

How Ace Handles Ants

With over twenty years of experience in our industry, the licensed and insured exterminators at Ace Pest Control are more than ready to tackle your ant problem. Our specialists will begin by conducting a thorough investigation of your home or business in Amarillo to determine how the ants are crawling in and where their nest is located, if they have built one. We'll then apply the extermination method best suited to your property in order to wipe out the colony before they chew up any more of your woodwork.

We may leave liquid poison which the pesky insects will unwittingly carry back to their colony, or we might apply a dry insecticide directly into their tunnels. Through whatever means, Ace Pest Control will kill every last ant and follow up with you to make sure an infestation never springs up again.

Ant Control Aces

Don't let carpenter ants antagonize your home or business in the Amarillo area. Call up Ace Pest Control for speedy and reliable extermination services that will ensure ants never bug you again. Contact our team of aces today for ant removal in Amarillo!