Ant Control in Dumas

It's estimated that over a quadrillion ants of 12,000 different species live on Earth. Because they're so prolific and so wide-spread, it's pretty much impossible not to co-exist with ants. Thankfully, they're usually respectful neighbors... unless they decide to move into your Dumas residence or business.

Most local ants pose no threat to your home but, unfortunately, there's one big exception: carpenter ants. This large, common species of black ant is notoriously destructive to wood. If they decide to tunnel into your home, they will hollow out a nest to live in and galleries to travel through, destabilizing the structure of your building in the process.

An uncontrolled carpenter ant colony ravaging your woodwork can cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars in repairs while placing dangerous strain on the foundation of your home. To put an end to the ant invasion, call in Ace Pest Control.

How Ace Battles Ants

How Ace Battles Ants

Since 1996, Ace Pest Control has been at war with ants and other pests in North Texas, and our experience has made us ready for anything. Our licensed and insured extermination squad will come out to your home or business in Dumas to scout for every crevasse that ants have been using to infiltrate your walls. If they've built a nest in your building, we'll find that, too.

Next, we'll attack the ants in an extermination campaign that leaves no survivors. While the insecticides we apply will vary depending on the size of your infestation, you can rest assured that the Ace team will win a decisive victory against the carpenter ant colony.

If we do leave behind any survivors who try to build up their numbers again, specialists from Ace Pest Control will return to finish the job.

An Ant Control Ace Up Your Sleeves

If ants have invaded your house or office in Dumas, don't let them fight a winning battle. Contact Ace Pest Control for efficient and thorough extermination services that will destroy ant colonies down to the last grub. Call up our ace players today for ant removal in Dumas!