Ant Control in Panhandle

Ants are one of the most numerous species on planet Earth, numbering about 1.6 million for every one human! Odds are, you see them crawling around near your home in Panhandle every single day... hopefully, outside and not in your kitchen! If ants start sneaking in to raid your garbage bins, you can solve that problem with a caulking gun. But if a colony of carpenter ants sets up shop in your walls, you might be in big trouble.

One of the most common American ant species, carpenter ants build their nests inside of wood. Normally, they do so in trees but they're just as happy to tunnel into the walls of your home or office. As the colony grows, the damage they cause will spread and it can end up costing you a small fortune to repair. If you want the ants to bug off before it gets to that point, hire Ace Pest Control.

How Ace Exterminates Ants

How Ace Exterminates Ants

Having worked hard to protect North Texas from ants and other pests since 1996, Ace Pest Control has the knowledge, the tools, the licenses and the insurance that we need to extricate your Panhandle property from carpenter ants in a safe and timely fashion. First, our exterminators will visit your home or business and seek out all of the ants' entry points, as well as figuring out where they've built their nest. Ace's experts will proceed to determine the best way to eliminate your ant problem.

Whether it's with a dry poison that we apply straight to the ants' galleries or a liquid insecticide that we allow them to carry back to their colony, we guarantee that we'll get them all. And if we do miss a few ants the first time around, don't panic; Ace Pest Control will come back at a moment's notice to dispose of any stragglers.

Ace Ant Removal Veterans

If you find carpenter ants nesting in your house or office in Panhandle, don't bug out. Give Ace Pest Control a ring and we'll send in our extermination experts to rid your house of every last pest. Reach out to our ace extermination squad today for ant removal in Panhandle!