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Why ant control? If you notice these unwanted visitors in your home, then there is most likely a whole ant colony within your home. There are over 700 different ant variations, but the most common variation that causes the most damage to homes are carpenter ants.

Carpenter ant infestations will damage the structure of your property if they are not spotted fast enough. These black ants will dig holes and make nests within the structural wood of your home. This weakens the wood and causes a great amount of structure damage.

Ace Pest Control is here for your ant removal needs! Call our ant control experts so we can diagnose the type of infestation and help you take control of your home!

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How to prevent an ant infestation?

  • Fix all leaks - some ant variations are attracted to wood with moisture so leaks can cause an infestation
  • Tree and bush trimming - If a tree branch hangs over your home it can be a bridge inviting carpenter ants
  • Seal all cracks in your foundation - block all entry ways into your home, especially at critical structure points

Ace Pest Control provides ant removal services for both commercial and residential properties. Don't let your home or business appear to be unsanitary due to an ant break out. Call today for our ant control services in AmarilloBushlandCanyonDumas, & Panhandle, Texas.