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Bed Bug Control in Dumas, TX

Are you looking for bed bug control services in Dumas?

Having bed bugs infest your home in Dumas can be an extremely irritating experience. These bloodsucking parasites only grow a few milimeters long, making it very hard to catch them in the act. Bed bugs usually hide inside of furniture by day and come out at night to drink human blood.

You'll probably begin to suspect bed bugs are in your mattress when you wake up with itchy patches of skin centered around red lesions. Even if you don't have an adverse reaction to bed bug bites right away, you might see spots on your sheets from your blood and bed bugs' fecal matter, or smell an odd musty stench coming from your furniture.

Expert Bed Bug Control

If you find bed bugs infesting one or more rooms in your Dumas home or office, you need to destroy them as quickly as possible so that they don't infest the entire building. Bed bugs are among the most difficult pests to eliminate, so you'll need to rely on the work of veteran exterminators.

Ace Pest Control has years of experience with handling bed bug infestations. Our experts will visit your Dumas property to seek out signs of bed bugs in your bed or other furniture.

After we've located all of the bed bug colonies, our professional exterminators will use a liquid treatment to kill every last one of the pests. To aid in the extermination effort, you may need to throw away furniture that was populated by bed bugs in case our treatments miss any eggs or larvae. Ace guarantees our bed bug control services for 60 days.

Bed Bug Control Aces

If your residence or commercial property has been infested by bed bugs, you need to exterminate them right away. Give Ace Pest Control a call today for reliable bed bug control services in the Dumas area!