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Bed Bug Control in Panhandle, TX

Are you seeking bed bug control services in Panhandle?

A bed bug infestation can quickly transform your Panhandle home into a nightmare. While most pest insects are easily visible, bed bugs are less than a fifth of an inch long and usually active at night, making them easy to miss. Bed bugs will typically nest in furniture during the daytime and most commonly infest mattresses, hence the name.

Even if you don't see bed bugs you'll surely see signs of them. Their bites cause skin lesions that itch horribly and they will also leave fecal stains on your sheets. If you smell a strange odor akin to rotting fruit coming from your mattress, this is another sign of bed bugs.

Reliable Bed Bug Control

If you've found evidence of bed bugs in your Panhandle house or business, you need to get the infestation under control or it will quickly spread throughout your property. Because regular pesticides are generally worthless against bed bugs, you'll need to hire talented exterminators.

Ace Pest control specializes in bed bug extermination. Our professionals will search your Panhandle property for any sources of infestation to see how far the bed bugs have spread.

As soon as we know what we're up against, our licensed exterminators will use strategic applications of liquid treatment to eliminate every bed bug colony in your home or office. For 100% elimination, you might also need to throw out infested furniture. Ace has a 60 day guarantee for our bed bug treatments.

Bed Bug Removal Aces

Don't let the bed bugs bite! Contact Ace Pest Control today for premium bed bug control services in the Panhandle area!