Cricket Control in Amarillo, TX

Cricket Control in Amarillo, TX

Are you looking for cricket control services in Amarillo?

The sound of crickets chirping in the evening may be pleasant when you're sitting in your backyard in Amarillo, but having these pests chirping all night inside your house can be extremely irritating. Aside from the annoying volume of their chirps, crickets are also known to chew on clothing, carpeting and upholstery, causing damage over time.

If crickets infest your house in Amarillo, it's likely they'll attract predators such as spiders and scorpions into your home. To rid yourself of these pests before they drive you nuts, call in a licensed cricket control company.

Expert Cricket Control

If crickets have infested your home in Amarillo, Ace Pest Control will come out for an inspection to determine the scope of your infestation and where the crickets have been getting in. Our technicians will then apply environmentally safe cricket control treatments and traps around your home to eliminate all of the crickets. We can also get rid of predatory pests that were drawn to your home by the crickets.

If there are cracks around your windows and doors that are big enough to provide easy cricket access, our team can use fresh sealant to keep the pests out. To prevent recurring cricket infestations in your Amarillo home, sign up for one of our pest control programs.

Cricket Extermination Aces

A horde of crickets in the household can be unbearably loud and surprisingly destructive. Contact Ace Pest Control today for the best cricket control services in the Amarillo area!