Do You Hear Chirping Inside Your House?

Do You Hear Chirping Inside Your House?

Get cricket removal services in Panhandle, Amarillo, Dumas, Canyon & Bushland, TX

While you might enjoy the sound of crickets chirping in in your backyard on a quiet evening, you certainly don't want them getting into your house. Crickets are attracted to warm areas, so you may find them hiding out near your oven or furnace. If you have a cricket problem in Panhandle, Amarillo, Dumas, Canyon or Bushland, TX, reach out to Ace Pest Control for cricket removal services.

Rely on us to take care of pesky crickets in your home or office. Contact us now to get a free estimate on pest control services.

Crickets may seem harmless, but they can create big problems

While crickets can keep you up at night, they don’t pose an immediate threat like poisonous insects or other pests. However, it’s still important to contact our pest control experts if you find crickets in your home. Over time, crickets can:

  • Chew through clothing
  • Damage your carpets and upholstery
  • Bring in other pests and spread disease

If you have crickets in your home, ask us about our cricket removal services. We’ll get those pests out of your house before they become a big problem. We offer cricket removal services in Amarillo, BushlandCanyonDumas, Panhandle, and other surrounding areas!