Mouse Control in Amarillo, TX

Mouse Control in Amarillo, TX

Do you need mouse control services in Amarillo?

Mice present a constant hazard to homes in Amarillo. These tiny rodents will slip inside through the smallest of holes and then make themselves at home by chewing up wires, insulation and other materials. As mice move through your house, they'll leave telltale droppings and streaks of urine in their wake.

Aside from being destructive, mice can spread many diseases like leptospirosis and hantavirus. Because of their rapid breeding behavior, mice infestations tend to grow exponentially in a matter of months. To thoroughly eliminate all of the mice from your home in Amarillo, let the rodent control professionals go to work.

Elite Mouse Control

If you've spotted mice living inside your home in Amarillo, Ace Pest Control will perform an inspection to locate mouse entry points and to determine how many mice are inside and where they're living. Next, our technicians will use single-feed treatments to eliminate all of the mice before the infestation grows any farther.

Once we've gotten rid of your active mouse problem, our team will use exclusion materials to keep more mice from getting inside your house in Amarillo. To prevent mice from menacing your property again in the future, sign up for recurring pest control services with Ace.

Mouse Extermination Aces

An infestation of mice can turn your home unsanitary if left untreated. Contact Ace Pest Control today for the most effective mouse control services in the Amarillo area!