Mouse Control in Canyon, TX

Mouse Control in Canyon, TX

Do you require mouse control services in Canyon?

Of the many pests found in Canyon, none are as great a nuisance as mice. They'll sneak into your house through the smallest crack or hole, then file their teeth by gnawing on insulation, wires and just about everything else. Mice may even raid your kitchen pantry by night, leaving streaks of urine and small droppings in their wake.

Aside from being destructive, mice are carriers of many zoonotic diseases like hantavirus and leptospirosis. Mice themselves are like a plague in that they reproduce at an incredible pace and are very harmful to their host: your house in Canyon. Don't waste your time with snap-traps; get the help you need from a professional rodent control company.

A1 Mouse Control

If mice have become a menace on your property in Canyon, Ace Pest Control will perform an inspection to learn how they've been getting in and how many you've got living inside. Our professionals will make applications of single-feed treatments to rid your house of every last mouse.

After the mice are all gone, our team will make sure they never come back by installing exclusion materials around your home in Canyon. Signing up for one of our pest control plans will guarantee that your home continues to be protected year after year.

Mouse Removal Aces

No one should have to share their home with mice. Reach out to Ace Pest Control today for the most dependable mouse control services in the Canyon area!