Don't Let Millipedes Take Over

Don't Let Millipedes Take Over

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When the weather turns cold, you tend to stay inside your house where its warm and cozy. As it turns out, pests are no different. One pest that you may see during the winter months is the millipede. While these creepy-crawly creatures are not harmful, they can multiply quickly and invade your home. Ace Pest Control can keep your home millipede-free during the cold months in Panhandle, Amarillo, Dumas, Canyon & Bushland, TX.

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Learn more about millipedes

Millipedes are arthropods that like to hide in warm, wet areas. They usually eat decaying wood and plants, so you may find them in your garden or in leaf piles. While millipedes are not dangerous, certain types of millipedes can release liquids that smell bad and can irritate your skin. If this happens, we recommend washing your hands with soap and water right away.

Although they aren't harmful, millipedes can invade your home by the hundreds. If you see millipedes in your house, count on us for reliable pest control services.