Enjoy the Great Outdoors Without Dousing Yourself in Repellent

Enjoy the Great Outdoors Without Dousing Yourself in Repellent

Install a flying insect control system at your home in Panhandle, Amarillo, Dumas & Bushland, TX

If you're tired of being bitten by mosquitoes or spraying on chemical repellent before you step outside, contact Ace Pest Control to install a MistAway insect system.

This system is perfect for controlling flies and mosquitoes. Our specialists will install the MistAway unit and nozzles every 10 feet.

After the installation process, we'll explain the operation of the system and show you how you can control it from your phone.

Protect your family from diseases carried by mosquitoes and make your yard more enjoyable with a MistAway system installed by Ace Pest Control, serving Panhandle, Amarillo & Dumas, TX and surrounding areas.

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Gain control over your insect infestation

Take control of your home or office back from pests and rodents with the help of Ace Pest Control. We were established in 1996 and have worked hard to build a solid reputation in the Panhandle, Amarillo & Dumas, TX areas for effective extermination services.

Besides installing MistAway insect systems, we also offer roach, spider, bed bug and termite control services.

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