Mosquito Control in Amarillo, TX

Are you in need of mosquito control services in Amarillo?

Nothing sucks the joy out of sitting on your porch quite like a swarm of mosquitoes. These obnoxious pests love to swarm around homes in Amarillo, sucking blood while delivering itchy bites and sometimes transmitting diseases such as malaria.

You can try to keep mosquitoes at bay with a can of bug spray or a swatter but that will do little to stop your infestation. To effectively eliminate all of the mosquitoes from your property in Amarillo, enlist the aid of a licensed mosquito control company.

Expert Mosquito Control

Expert Mosquito Control

If mosquitoes have started swarming around your home in Amarillo, Ace Pest Control can provide the relief you've been desperate for. Our crew can apply monthly control treatments to kill off both adult and larval mosquitoes on your property.

For advanced mosquito control measures, our technicians can install a MistAway system outside your house in Amarillo. The MistAway system has nozzles every 10 feet that will spray a vapor insecticide to kill mosquitoes lurking in your yard. Misting your yard a few times per day can eliminate any mosquitoes in the area. Best of all, the MistAway system can be controlled from your phone, so you don't have to risk being bitten to use it!

Mosquito Control Aces

If mosquitoes have been terrorizing you every time you walk outside, it's time to put an end to your infestation. Contact Ace Pest Control today for the most effective mosquito control services in the Amarillo area!