Scorpion Control in Amarillo, TX

Scorpion Control in Amarillo, TX

Are you seeking assistance with a scorpion problem in Amarillo?

There are many different species of scorpions in Texas, but the striped bark scorpion is the most problematic in Amarillo. Striped bark scorpions are quick-moving predators that can jump, swim and climb amazingly well. They are also quick to sting when startled or threatened. All scorpions are venomous; a sting is incredibly painful and can also be deadly, particularly for children, pets or people with health issues.

Scorpions are attracted to any rocky or cluttered terrain that provides shelter from the sun and places to hide. Unfortunately for us, that describes our yards as well as our homes here in Amarillo. The interior of your house is also a potential source of food and water to a scorpion, and it’s a temptation they are not likely to resist. It’s common to find these wicked-looking pests lurking on your property and, worse, creeping around inside your house. If you’ve encountered scorpions, the smartest thing you could do is reach out to a scorpion control expert for help.

Expert Scorpion Control

At Ace Pest Control, dealing with scorpion issues in Amarillo is one of our specialties, and one that we’ve been excelling at for decades. We’ll inspect your property, locate the scorpions and use an arsenal of highly effective tactics and products to exterminate them, including specially-formulated pesticides, traps, dusting and sprays.

We also offer follow-up treatments and a selection of terrific maintenance plans to help keep your home in Amarillo scorpion-free. Ace is the scorpion control service you can always rely on to protect your home and give you peace of mind.

Scorpion Extermination Aces

If scorpions have invaded your home, it's only a matter of time before someone gets stung. Call Ace Pest Control for the best scorpion control services in the Amarillo area!