Scorpion Control in Dumas, TX

Scorpion Control in Dumas, TX

Are you having problems with scorpions in Dumas and in need of assistance?

Scorpions are one of the most despised pests in Texas. They are common in Dumas, and known to cause problems in human habitats. Scorpions love to hide under debris, rocks or in any crack or crevice that provides good cover. Scorpions also like to hide inside our homes, and they get in all the time. If they can’t squeeze in under your door or through a crack, they’ll find another way in, even if it means scrambling up your wall. If you’re a Texan, it’s wise to shake out your sheets and your shoes before climbing in!

Startle a scorpion or try to kill it, and there’s a good chance you’ll get stung. Their sting delivers an intense jolt of pain that you’ll never forget, and also causes neurological effects like tingling and numbness that can last for days. On rare occasions, scorpion stings can even prove fatal. If scorpions are messing with your home, inside or out, don’t take the risk of messing with them. Instead, call a licensed scorpion control expert for assistance.

Professional Scorpion Control

Ace Pest Control provides the most effective scorpion control in Dumas. We will inspect your home and yard, locate the pests and identify potential areas of infestation. Then, we get to work with a customized plan to eliminate them.

Not only do we have decades of experience but we also have the most advanced methods and products in the industry to combat scorpions in Dumas. This includes pesticidal dusts and sprays, strategic trapping and exclusion techniques. We also provide follow-up treatments and offer top-notch maintenance plans for additional protection. You can count on Ace to do what it takes!

Scorpion Elimination Aces

Don’t let scorpions terrorize your home or yard. Contact Ace Pest Control today for the finest scorpion control services in the Dumas area!