Scorpion Control Services in Panhandle, TX

Scorpion Control Services in Panhandle, TX

Do you need help with scorpions in Panhandle?

There is nothing more frightening than discovering a scorpion inside your home! Scorpions are wicked-looking pests with a nasty disposition and an excruciating sting to match. Encounters with them have been steadily on the rise in Panhandle. The striped bark scorpion, in particular, has a well-earned reputation for creating problems here. They can be found hiding under leaves, rocks and logs all over our properties, and they often enter homes.

Scorpions love the Dumas climate but they cannot take the heat, so they are always on the lookout for a cool, dark place to hide. When that cool, dark place happens to be your house, there is going to be trouble. If you’ve been having run-ins with this frightening pest, the best way to get rid of them is with professional scorpion control services.

Trusted Scorpion Control

Ace Pest Control offers the most reliable scorpion control in Panhandle. We are experts at locating their hiding spots, inside or out. We’ll swiftly find the scorpions, put together a comprehensive plan to eliminate them and devise a strategy to keep them away for good.

Our scorpion treatments include trapping, spraying and pesticidal dusting. With timely follow-up treatments, great maintenance programs and the most experienced crew in Dumas, Ace has a well-earned reputation for delivering the most trusted scorpion control in the business!

Scorpion Eradication Aces

If you’ve noticed scorpions in the yard or have found one in your home, don’t wait to get stung. Contact Ace Pest Control today for the most advanced scorpion control services in the Panhandle area!