Termite Control in Dumas, TX

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Termites are tiny burrowing insects that feed on wood cellulose, and are often attracted to the wood inside homes in Dumas. These pests will cause severe destruction to any wooden structures in your home, which can cost you a small fortune and could potentially lead to a collapse if the structural integrity of your house is compromised.

Since termites are only about a quarter of an inch long and prefer to stay underground, you may not notice them until long after they've infested your house in Dumas. Discovering mud tunnels on the perimeter of your house or seeing discarded insect wings near a crevasse are indicators that your home has been invaded by termites. A termite colony needs to be eliminated in its entirety to prevent repeat infestations, and this difficult task should only be trusted to termite control experts.

High Quality Termite Control Treatments

If you want to prevent a termite infestation of your Dumas home or you're afraid you already have one, Ace Pest Control will conduct an inspection for signs of termites including hollowed wood and sagging floors. Our technicians will work quickly to exterminate all of the termites by installing a Sentricon System around your home.

While standard liquid termite treatments are only partially effective, the Sentricon System is designed to eliminate whole termite colonies from within. Ace's professionals will plant Sentricon baiting stations all around your property in Dumas. The bait is even more alluring to termites than the wood of your home, and they will carry it back to your colony, where it will exterminate all of the pests before they can mature and multiply. Our team will return to your home annually to make sure that your Sentricon System is doing its job.

Termite Control Aces

If you have a termite infestation on your property, you should have them professionally exterminated before they cause critical damage. Contact Ace Pest Control today for the greatest termite control treatment services in the Dumas area!

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Active Sentricon station, killing the population