Termite Control in Panhandle, TX

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One of the most devastating forces of nature that can afflict a home is a termite infestation. These pests will invade your house in Panhandle to feed on the cellulose of your wooden structures, causing severe damage which may eventually cause a collapse.

Termites are small subterranean insects that often go unnoticed until they've already wreaked havoc on a building. Piles of small pebbles known as "frass" and mud tunnels along the outside of your home are among the few visible signs of a termite infestation. Store-bought termite treatments are rarely effective, so it would be in your best interest to seek help from a licensed termite control service to exterminate a colony on your Panhandle property.

Dependable Termite Control Treatments

To prevent or eliminate a termite infestation in your home in Panhandle, Ace Pest Control will begin by performing an inspection for signs of an active termite colony, such as hollowed wood and discarded wings. Our crew will put a permanent end to your termite problem by installing a Sentricon System in your yard.

Unlike traditional termite treatments, the Sentricon System exterminates termite colonies down to the last larva rather than simply deterring the pests or killing off the workers. Ace's exterminators will place Sentricon bait stations along the perimeter of your Panhandle residence. Termite workers will return the bait to the colony, where it will eliminate all of the pests before the colony grows even larger. Our experts will perform annual visits to make sure the Sentricon System is still protecting your property.

Termite Elimination Aces

Left untreated, a termite colony will devour your home from the inside out and cost you greatly in damage repairs. Give Ace Pest Control a call today for premium termite control treatment services in the Panhandle area!

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Active Sentricon station, killing the population